Alfonso – Ironworker Oakesdale, Wash.

Alfonso found himself in a very tight situation financially about six years ago when he first started his career as an ironworker in Oakesdale, Wash. In an area that gets heavy snowfall each year, Alfonso’s BMW was not a practical car to be driving to and from work in the winter months. However, having just started his job, he could not afford to do much about his car situation. Things were so bad, he was concerned that he might even have to quit his job. Luckily a coworker told him about Ironworkers CU auto loans, and how the team there really works with you to help you achieve your goals. “So, I decided to have a chat with them and they ended up giving me a loan! Which is how I started out with the credit union,” Alfonso explains. The loan that Alfonso got that day was for $6,000. It was just enough to help him get a reliable car that would get him down the snowy roads safely. Life happens, we get that! At Ironworkers CU we definitely don’t judge and we always do our best to get our members the absolute best interest rates. “They were tremendously helpful to me out when I thought I was going to have to lose my job,” Alfonso says thankfully. “I’ve had my loan for 4 years now and I’ve been able to purchase 3 cars through them,” says Alfonso.

“The Ironworkers CU has helped me tremendously and I am very thankful that they gave me a chance to prove myself. I haven’t been late on any of my payments and I’m very thankful to be a part of OUR credit union.”


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