Danielle – Ironworkers, Local 29

To say being a member of Ironworkers CU has been a family affair for Danielle would be no exaggeration. Her father was an Ironworker and joined the Credit Union when Danielle was just a baby. “I have been a member for almost 20 years,” says Danielle. “I was 16 when my dad co-signed on my first car – it was a Mustang!” Her dad taught her that if you want something, you have to work to pay for it. “Since I had a job, he took me to his credit union [to get a loan],” Danielle recalls. At the time, the Credit Union office was in a small room at the old Union Hall.

“I remember walking in there thinking, ‘This little room is my Dad’s bank?’ But I knew if Dad says it’s a good bank, it is!”

She had no idea how big of a role the credit union would play in her life. With more than a half dozen paid-off loans, a checking account, savings account, and motor home loan, throughout the years, Danielle has taken advantage of all that Ironworkers CU has to offer. Why has Danielle felt such loyalty to the Credit Union? “You don’t feel like you’re in a bank that expects perfection out of someone. They know that life happens. I’ve always felt like they stand behind me – not against me,” says Danielle. In addition to the accounts the credit union offers, Danielle appreciates the personal service she receives. “Jamie [Koster] has been so helpful to me with showing me how to make my credit report look good,” Danielle says. “She doesn’t have to do that, but that’s the advantage we have as Ironworkers! The credit union will try to help you in any way.” “I truly love MY credit union, and I brag about them all the time!”


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