April “Cyaltsa” – Ironworkers Local 86, Seattle

A welding instructor and member of Local 86, April “Cyaltsa” is a proud Ironworker and member of the Ironworkers CU. A credit union member for nearly 8 years, April has experienced firsthand the benefits of the credit union’s personal service. After living in Hawaii, April wanted to move back to Washington but need financial assistance to make it happen. Having joined Local 86 prior to living in Hawaii, she was already a credit union member so she called the credit union for help. “I was assured that it wouldn’t be a problem [to secure a loan] even with less than perfect credit,” says April. She was right. With that loan, April was able to return to Washington. “The people [at the credit union] know Ironworkers and what they need. They’re not biased like other banks are,” says April. Taking a leap of faith, April closed her accounts at other financial institutions and now has all her accounts at Ironworkers CU.

“They’ve helped me out a lot,” continues April. While out of town at a conference, April was trying to check into her hotel when the front desk informed her that they wouldn’t take a debit card. Not having a credit card, April called the credit union to see if they could help. They could, and they did. The credit union representative was able to speak with the hotel and secure her reservation – and her trip was saved. And there was the time when April almost lost her car. “They were able to refinance it for me. That was huge!” At Ironworkers CU, it’s our mission to remain small enough to be able to help our members one-on-one, but big enough to provide them with all the financial services they need. We are the “go to” people when our members need assistance with any aspect of their financial lives. If you or any of your fellow Ironworkers have questions, just pick up the phone. We’re here for YOU!


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