Dennis – Ironworkers Local 14, Spokane

An Ironworkers since 1970, Dennis has been a member of the Ironworkers CU ever since the Spokane branch opened. Now retired, Dennis says being a Credit Union member has been helpful throughout his career. “Before I retired,” Dennis recalls, “I travelled frequently. When I travelled, I could get money with just a phone call. It was very easy.” “I like the personal, individual service I get from the Credit Union,” says Dennis. “I know everybody’s name, and they know mine.” Dennis commends Tina Hoffmann in the Spokane branch for her superior service.

“She is very professional, capable, and always on top of the issues.”

In addition to the quality service he’s received, Dennis appreciates how easy it is to keep track of his money using his debit card and online banking. Retirement hasn’t stopped Dennis from making his mark on the new generation of Ironworkers. He is now a frequent contributor to the Ironworkers’ apprenticeship program, helping young men and women gain the skills they need to be successful Ironworkers. Along with trade skills, Dennis shares his appreciation of the Credit Union with the them. The “old guys” are already set in their ways, says Dennis, but “I encourage the young apprentices to give it a shot.”

At Ironworkers CU, it’s our mission to remain small enough to be able to help our members one-on-one, but big enough to provide them with all the financial services they need. We are the “go to” people when our members need assistance with any aspect of their financial lives. If you or any of your fellow Ironworkers have questions, just give us a call. We’re here for YOU!


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