Need $ For the New Year?

There’s A Loan Program Just Right For You

It’s our goal to make the lives of each and every member as financially easy as possible. So when you’re in need of extra cash to help buy a new home, car, RV or an unanticipated expense, our experienced loan officers will work with you to find the right loan for your needs.

Credit Union members will always receive:

  • Lowest possible rates
  • Flexible term lengths
  • Easy online application process
  • Fast, friendly service!

Home Loans

Whether you are in the market for your first home, a bigger home for your expanding family or looking to refinance your current one at a lower interest rate, we have the tools and information you need to start the process with confidence.


We offer 30-year fixed mortgages, FHA loans, tailored programs for first-time buyers, and other types of mortgages with low fees and rates. Processing your loan is quick and easy! Contact Logan Rutherford in the Mortgage Department at 888-978-7923 or apply online.

Personal Loans

Credit cards are not usually the best way to finance expensive purchases. So before you spend big money, check out our Personal Loan programs with fixed interest rates that may save you big time on your next major purchase.

Vehicle and Recreational Vehicle Loans

We offer new and used vehicle loans as well as financing for RVs, motorhomes, boats, motorcycles, or any other titled recreational vehicles. The interest rate is determined by your loan term and credit history. To save time and to ensure you’re getting the best loan rate available, call us to get pre-approved before you go shopping.

Vacation Secured Loans

We offer vacation draw loans throughout the year for emergencies or unusual circumstances. The Vacation Draw Period is from January 1 – June 30, and July 1 – December 31. Vacation Fund payouts are made each year on March 1 and September 1. A Vacation Loan Advance is made against the funds actually received by the Credit Union and posted to the member’s Vacation Fund.

Signature Loans

Even if you have no collateral for a loan, you may be able to borrow using your signature and credit history – for whatever you need. Line of Credit A line of credit offers you access to funds as you may need them. Use only what you need at any given time and have the rest available in case of emergencies.

Share or CD Secured Loan

Let your savings work for you. Borrow against the funds in your Share Account or CD, at a low rate, while still earning interest on your deposit. This type of loan is a great way to build or re-establish your credit.

Call a loan officer at 1-877-769-4766 to learn more or go online to apply for a loan today!


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