Kevin – Ironworkers Local 29, Portland

An Ironworker for 22 years, Kevin joined Ironworkers CU in 1999 simply to have an easy place to cash his checks and have an account for his Vacation payments. “I never did really like big banks because they always cost you more than they are worth, and of course, the Credit Union has no fees,” says Kevin. In addition to his current checking and savings accounts, Kevin has had loans through the credit union which he’s renegotiated a couple times to help save him money. “You see, my debt was killing my credit,” explains Kevin, “so we worked out a way to not only pay it off but improve my credit so I could then buy a house.”

“My credit score over the years through Vacation loans and carrying these installment loans with a few simple credit cards has blossomed from the low 600s to over 770. That is a service that I simply could not get anywhere else.”

Kevin is also a dedicated user of Mobile Banking. “It is much more convenient a way for me to make deposits, and I simply don’t always have time to get to the bank after work. What a relief it is to be able to go home and wake up Saturday morning and do my banking either online or with my phone. There are also many times I am working on the road and cannot always find a bank, but I do have phone service so my problem is solved.” “The very best part of my experience of the credit union is much more than just personal service, but honestly, there is no better feeling than having my very own personal banker,” says Kevin. “Between Teri Robinson and Jamie Koster, I simply never have to worry about my accounts. More so than that, they have also helped my wife and daughter. My wife also needed to improve her credit and create a solid banking situation. All she has ever had to do is call and ask. They are there to help us whenever we need.” “I recommend their service to every student I have,” says Kevin, who is an instructor with the apprenticeship program. “I tell them that not only will their life be much easier now with the help of the credit union, but it will end up better in the long run. There simply is not a better institution to fit the needs of Ironworkers here in the Northwest.”


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