Paul – Ironworkers Local 29, Portland

If there was ever a poster child for Ironworkers USA Credit Union, Paul might be it. An Ironworker for 13 years and a member for 11 years, Paul is a true believer in the benefits of the Credit Union. From checking and savings accounts to home loans, Union dues auto-deductions and life insurance, Paul uses the Credit Union’s products and services to their fullest.

“When I joined, I had bad credit,” says Paul. “They really helped me out. They look at things like work history rather than credit scores. You don’t find that at other banks.”

Several years ago, Paul was looking to the future and thinking about purchasing a home. He talked with Teri Robinson about what it would take to get a home loan. Teri worked with Paul to create a plan that included debt consolidation as well as other ways to improve his credit score. “It was a three year process,” Paul explains, but once he got on track for the home loan, “it was smooth sailing!” Paul worked with Logan Rutherford to apply for his home loan and really appreciated the ease of the process. “They understand the logistics of the job. The ups and downs in the work and paychecks.” When it comes to spreading the word about the credit union, Paul isn’t shy about telling his co-workers about the benefits either. “I tell them they are willing to help you, just like they helped me!” At Ironworkers USA Credit Union, it’s our mission to remain small enough to be able to help our members one-on-one, but big enough to provide them with all the financial services they need. We are the “go to” people when our members need assistance with any aspect of their financial lives.


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