Ironworkers USA CU

Helping Ironworkers From Coast to Coast

What‘s better than helping our 5,301 members build assets and achieve financial stability?
The chance to help over 90,300 Ironworkers nationwide achieve their goals!

We received official approval in May from the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) to change our name to Ironworkers USA Federal Credit Union and serve Ironworkers (and their families) in all 50 states. We are excited to be able to offer the services that our Northwest Ironworkers have valued for almost 60 years, from everyday banking needs to auto loans and mortgages, to fellow Ironworkers all over the country who haven’t always had access to their own credit unions. Visible changes on our website, mobile app and branches will slowly roll out over the next three years but the most important thing – access to Ironworkers nationwide to become members starts immediately. Current members can depend on the same level of personalized customer service, competitive rates, and extensive benefits as we grow into a national resource for union Ironworkers. Actually, as we grow we expect that our rates and services will get better, because as they say “there is strength in numbers”, and as union members know…together we ARE stronger.

Our CEO, Teri Robinson, had a goal for expanding to serve members nationwide when she took the helm of Pacific Northwest Ironworkers Federal Credit Union in 2010. The road to regulatory approval wasn’t an easy one – in fact, it was filled with potholes – but Robinson was dedicated and determined to help more Ironworkers achieve the financial stability already enjoyed by members in the Pacific Northwest. Though many thought it wasn’t achievable, lots of hard work and record growth over the past eight years turned our ailing credit union into a robust institution with over $31 million in assets today. It’s this growth that makes it possible for us to help Ironworkers from coast to coast. The only difference will be instead of in branch banking, our newest members will use our mobile app, phone-based and online banking services. Though we’re growing and expanding, our commitment to offering personalized service to make your lives easier will always be our priority – near or far, we’re still a one-stop-shop for your financial needs!

Helping Ironworkers From Coast to Coast


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