Dalton – Ironworkers Local 516, Portland

Relatively new to the Ironworkers Union, it didn’t take Dalton long to discover the benefits of being a member of Ironworkers CU. After a poor experience trying to get a car loan at his previous bank, a co-worker suggested he talk to the credit union to see if they could help him out. “It worked out great,” says Dalton.

“They really accommodated my needs and made it work.”

Since having such a positive experience, Dalton has switched all of his accounts to the credit union. “I like to have all my accounts in one place, and the credit union fits my needs better,” he says. “You get such personal service, and they really work with you. Their motto, ‘we’re not an old stuffy bank,’ is true. They are just as professional as any other bank, but you get personal service that you won’t find at a bank.”

“Other banks aren’t inclined to help. The credit union does a good job helping, and they always go above and beyond. They supersede expectations,” continues Dalton. When co-workers talk about problems at their banks, “my first response is ‘go check out the credit union!’”


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