Ryan – Ironworkers Local 29, Portland…and his new truck and trailer!

While Ryan is a relative newbie to the Ironworkers CU, having only become a member in the early spring of 2018, he’s already a seasoned pro at using the Credit Union’s products and services to their fullest extent. “I joined because of the good things that were shared during my apprenticeship orientation about the Credit Union helping people get to their job sites out of town when they couldn’t afford to pay living expenses at home and on the road,” explains Ryan. “Hearing about how and why the Credit Union was started really fit my future goals. I really wanted to travel but didn’t have the resources to cover the costs when I joined the Union.”
A short time after joining the Credit Union, Ryan was finishing up a job in Klamath Falls when a last-minute opportunity in Spokane presented itself. Knowing that Spokane has bad winter weather conditions, he hesitated to give a quick answer and explained that he drove a small car and was afraid he might not be able to make it work in bad conditions. He started looking for four-wheel drive trucks that he could afford without financing. “I didn’t find anything that I really wanted to trust driving seven hours to Spokane, let alone in winter conditions,” says Ryan.

During his last week of work in Klamath Falls, Ryan called the Credit Union to ask if he would even be able to get a loan, knowing that his previous banks had told him his student loans or debt-to-income ratio was too high. “They said there wouldn’t be a problem and asked me how much I would like!” Ryan says. “I was quite shocked and didn’t really expect that answer.”

“Kathrine White made my short notice travel not only possible but convenient and comfortable,” explains Ryan happily. “She gave me cash instead of just a check so I could do some wheeling and dealing with the purchase of my truck and trailer. She was also able to add a little money onto the loan to cover some travel expenses.”

“Long story short, I would not be in Spokane now had I not been able to get a loan to buy a truck and trailer. While working in Klamath Falls, I was paying my living expenses there plus rent back in Portland and dog sitter fees. Today, I only pay my truck and trailer loan payment, and my dog gets to stay with me! We both are having a blast on the road exploring the land and meeting new people.”


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