Craig & Kristinia – Ironworkers Local 29, Portland…An Important Part of Our Family

Making financial decisions is never easy. When you are planning on spending thousands of your hard-earned dollars on a new vehicle, you really want to make sure you’re getting the best financing available.

When Craig and Kristinia went shopping for a new truck, they were excited and knew the purchase could be life-changing. Realizing that it only takes seconds to make a financial mistake, they thought back to what Ironworkers CU CEO Teri Robinson had said.

“I remember when opening our account, Teri said to me and my husband that the Ironworkers Credit Union is a brotherhood. They are here for us, and they take care of their Ironworkers and families,” says Kristinia. “She told us to never hesitate to email or call the credit union with questions.”

“I never forgot that word ‘brotherhood’ so that’s exactly what I did,” recalls Kristinia. “I reached out in the middle of test driving several vehicles and put my trust in Ironworkers CU. Teri responded and gave us the confidence and security we needed.”

“This was the first time for us both to feel good with the process,” says Kristinia thankfully. “You showed us what brotherhood really means and what it’s like to be a part of the Ironworkers Credit Union family. You gave us the confidence to have an enjoyable financial experience.”


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