Mark Lautenschlager

Mark Lautenschlager – Board of Directors, Vice Chair

Your Credit Union wouldn’t be the success that it is without the hard work and dedication of the members who volunteer on the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee. Last quarter, we introduced you to three fantastic members of our Supervisory Committee. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to…

  • Joined the Board of Directors in 2012
  • Retired Member of Ironworkers Local 29

Positions Held:
Apprentice thru JIW, Working Foreman thru Superintendent, Structural Estimator, Certified Ironworkers Apprenticeship Instructor

Why is serving on the Credit Union Board important to you?
I had a 35-year career as an Ironworker, so I have a lot of loyalty to Ironworkers. I’m not into politics so I thought the credit union would be a neutral platform to help my Brothers and Sisters.

What makes you uniquely qualified to serve on the Credit Union Board?
I was a “working” Ironworker. I spent my entire career using tools. I’m the real McCoy. I best represent the Ironworkers since I can directly relate to them.

How do you spend your free time?
Cars and kids. I thought that being a dad was the best job in the world, but an even better job is being a grandpa. I have two beautiful granddaughters, 11 years old and 5 months old. They are a lot of fun for me.

I’m an old car enthusiast and gearhead with a fleet of old cars. My favorite is “Betty” – named after my mom. She’s a saffron yellow ‘68 Chevy Impala. She was my high school best friend’s mom’s car. I also still have the first truck I bought as an Ironworker in 1986.

What would you like members to know about you?
I’m a hardcore Ironworker who lives in Newberg with my wife of 31 years and my herd of cats.


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