Resilience Through the Decades

Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary

Ironworkers USA Credit Union turns 60 this year! Since 1960 when Lyle Eller and his fellow Ironworkers from Local 29 in Portland, Oregon, decided to take matters into their own hands (and cigar box), YOUR Credit Union has made an important impact on the lives of thousands of Union Ironworkers.

Throughout our 60-year history, Ironworkers USA Credit Union has weathered many storms – recessions and economic downturns, social and political uprisings, natural disasters, wars and military conflicts. What we have learned through the years is that we truly are stronger together!

From a business perspective, our loyal membership, strong, long-term growth strategy and judicious management of assets have allowed the Credit Union to manage economic downturns and recover quickly. These strategies also created a strong environment in which we were able to grow from serving just Local 29 in Portland to opening membership up to every Union Ironworker in the United States, all while growing our assets to more than $52 million.

From a human perspective, we understand that the nature of the work done by Ironworkers can be dangerous, unpredictable and tied heavily to the economy. No one is perfect so giving our members second chances and looking at members’ life situations as a whole rather than just looking at credit scores are important to us. We want our members to be able to recover from difficult times and emerge financially better on the other side. We know that life happens, and we’ll be here for our members just like they are here for us.

Ironworkers are a strong group of individuals who deserve a strong, committed financial institution looking out for them. That’s Ironworkers USA Credit Union.

We appreciate the trust that our members have given us for 60 years and promise to be there for them for another 60 years!


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