Nick – Local 433, Los Angeles

He may be a Credit Union newbie, but that hasn’t stopped Nick from enjoying the benefits of membership and spreading the Ironworkers USA Credit Union message. A member since only June, Nick is based in Los Angeles but was working in Portland at a job at Intel when he visited the local Union Hall and saw information about the Credit Union.

He “jumped on” the opportunity to join after he looked the Credit Union up online and read about everything it had to offer. “It looked like a good deal so I joined,” says Nick. There was no delay in him taking advantage of membership either.

With a car loan through CarMax, he checked to see about switching his loan to the Credit Union. A Credit Union employee was quickly on the case and was able to lower his APR and lower his monthly payment. “The most amazing part ever was to see someone do that so fast. Within 10 minutes of bringing my papers in, they had it done!” raves Nick.

“All the gals are great, great at doing your jobs,” says Nick. “Honestly, you gals are like the wives that everybody wishes they had, financial wives! You take care of us. We’re not just a number. You’re not using us for the money. You actually take care of the Ironworkers.”

So after being a member for just a month, Nick has become a convert and proudly tells all his co-workers about the Credit Union. “I’ve had a couple sign up with the Credit Union already.”

But what’s the best part about being a member according to Nick? “Ironworkers money helping Ironworkers!” We couldn’t say it better ourselves!


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