Julio – Local 433, Los Angeles-Las Vegas

This summer when Julio was on a job site in Oregon, he saw a fellow Ironworker wearing an Ironworkers USA Credit Union bandana. That bandana was his introduction to the Credit Union, and it opened up a new world of banking to him.

“What made me join was the women working in the office and the way they treated me,” says Julio, who has been an Ironworker for 14 years. “The customer service. The personal touch. You’re not just a number.”

Being an Ironworker who works jobs in multiple states hasn’t deterred Julio from using all the Credit Union’s services. By using the app and phone services, Julio is able to easily access his checking, savings and PTO accounts. “What I love the best is that you can call the credit union and a person will answer…quickly. You’re not just pressing buttons. That is probably the most frustrating thing about any bank,” Julio says. “When someone says hello and calls you by your first name, that speaks volumes. I just want to come in and bank with you guys!”

“I tell everyone that the credit union is the best thing since sliced bread,” Julio adds. “I really do! Customer service is through the roof!”

Julio also appreciates that the Ironworkers USA Credit Union serves only Ironworkers and their families. “It’s Ironworker money working for Ironworkers. Rather than the interest going to somebody you don’t know with some major banking systems, it’s going back into our Ironworker brotherhood.”

“I think the world of them,” says Julio. “They genuinely care about you.”

Ironworkers USA Credit Union cares about the financial needs and goals of every one of its members. It’s our mission to remain small enough to be able to help our members one-on-one, but big enough to provide them with all the financial services they need. We are the “go-to” people when our members need assistance with any aspect of their financial lives. If you or any of your fellow Ironworkers have questions, just pick up the phone. We’re here for YOU!


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