Israel – Ironworkers Local 29, Portland, OR

Joining Local 29 was a blessing for Israel in many ways. Not only was he able to get health insurance and better wages, but he became eligible to join Ironworkers USA Credit Union. In 2010, after learning about the Credit Union from Robert Camarillo, our current chairman of the Board of Directors, Israel decided joining would be a good idea.

“They helped me a lot when I got my first loan,” says Israel. “It was a car loan for a Chevy Tahoe for my family.” Since then, Israel has used the Credit Union for savings, checking and additional loans. He is particularly appreciative of Teri Robinson’s help throughout his time as a member.

“They are very friendly,” Israel says. “They are always there to help and not just for me. They are there to help all the members the same.”

“Soy miembro de Ironworkers USA Credit Union desde el 2010, tengo buena amistad con todas. Las que trabajan para el Credit Union. Me gusta mucha que haya trabajadoras que hablan Espanol, es de mucha ayuda. Mi familia y yo disfrutamos mucho eventos que hacen. Feliz de ser un miembro de Ironworkers USA Credit Union.”

We appreciate you, Israel! Thanks!


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