Larry – Retired, Ironworkers Local 29, Portland, OR

Having been a member of the Ironworkers Credit Union since the days when Lyle and Velma Ellers used a Roi Tan cigar box as the cash register, Larry is a true testament to the success and longevity of the Credit Union. While working for Locals across the country from California to New Jersey and Washington to Florida, Larry called the Credit Union his financial home because of the great service he always received

“When I first joined, I had a young family,” recalls Larry. “I liked the prospect of being able to borrow money and have a place to save money without going into the banking system. It was a much easier way to go and much more personal.”

“I’ve taken out several signature loans through the years,” Larry says. “It’s a good feeling when you go in and say I need a thousand dollars or two or three thousand dollars, and you leave the office knowing that they’ve taken care of you again.” And it hasn’t just been Larry who has benefitted from the Credit Union’s service.

“My wife Carol and I have four boys. When they got to the point when they were shopping for cars, I would take those boys down and figure out what kind of cars I wanted them to have and how much I wanted to spend. We’d walk out of there with a done deal. No hassle.”

Larry has seen the Credit Union grow a lot, but when the Credit Union opened its membership to Ironworkers across the country, he says he was “blown away.” “That was a real ace in the hole. I understand Teri [Robinson] was the most instrumental in organizing that. She was kind of like a remake of Lyle Eller!” And that says a lot. Thanks for your trust through the years, Larry!


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