Matt – Local 86, Seattle, WA

It pays to ask for help. That’s what Matt, a Lead with Local 86, found out when he asked the Credit Union for a loan for a downpayment on a new vehicle. Why get just a downpayment, Loan Relationship Manager Lourdes Arellano asked, when you can finance the entire vehicle through us?

Having only been a member of the Credit Union since October 2020, Matt wasn’t aware that Ironworkers USA Credit Union was a full-service financial institution. He knew his PTO was deposited into his Credit Union account and was pleasantly surprised when he learned the Credit Union had so much more to offer.

“I didn’t know it was a full-blown credit union. I just thought it was a place for my PTO. Then I got an email saying you can get cash loans because of COVID, and I thought it was just a one-time thing. Then I started talking with you and learned that you have everything I want to do there!”

“I got a really low interest rate on my vehicle loan. I’ve always gotten crazy high interest rates before, like crazy high, so it was way better than that, and I didn’t have to put $5,000 down. So that was pretty cool too,” says Matt. After purchasing his Jeep, Lourdes then helped Matt refinance his truck in order to get a low interest rate and lower payment.

What is Matt’s favorite part of being a member of Ironworkers USA Credit Union?  “The fact that you are there for us. Nobody will ever know us as well as you will know us. You understand our PTO. You know our hourly wages. Everything is a lot more simplified with you.”

And what would Matt tell other Ironworkers about the Credit Union? “I would tell them it’s great! Well, I already have!”

We appreciate you, Matt! Thanks!


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