“D” Leon – Local 86, Seattle

For nearly all of his 14-year career as an Ironworker, “D” Leon has been a member of Ironworkers USA Credit Union. He remembers the Credit Union staff coming into his apprenticeship classes and talking about the credit union. “They talked about how it was a good idea to have your money with a financial institution that knows how hard you work for your money, knows where you’re coming from and looks out for your best interest,” recalls “D” Leon. “So far it’s been true to the T. There’s never been an experience with the Credit Union that I haven’t been satisfied or very happy with.”

“D” Leon trusts the Credit Union so much that he has checking and savings accounts and has financed multiple vehicles through Ironworkers USA Credit Union – including his recently purchased 2011 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD. “Sharon in the Portland office went above and beyond and stuck around the entire time I was trying to get the loan for my truck.”

“Kim Martin, who works in the Credit Union in the Local 86 office, is also great. She has always known me by name when I’ve called and been super personable. She’s always been fantastic,” says “D” Leon. “I’ve never had any issues. They are really quick to iron things out and to make sure everything is the way it’s supposed to be.”

“D” Leon’s favorite part of being a member is the financial confidence he now has. “My credit score before joining the Credit Union was very poor,” explains “D” Leon. “I know a lot of my brothers and sisters have suffered from bad credit due to bad mistakes we’ve made in the past, but ever since becoming a member of the Credit Union, my credit score has shot through the roof. Left and right, they have helped me out with recommendations and small fixes on how to increase my credit score.”

“It is phenomenal how much I’ve been able to improve it. I feel 100% confident to expand myself financially now.”


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