Denis – Previous Ironworkers Local 516 member, Portland

It may have started with a loan for a new vehicle two years ago, but after getting to know all the benefits of the Credit Union, Denis now proudly calls Ironworkers USA Credit Union his primary financial institution.

After starting a new job in 2018, Denis, who has been an Ironworkers for 15 years, was in need of a new truck. His new boss at the time steered him toward the Credit Union and told him all about the benefits of being a member. It didn’t take him long to get familiar with the Credit Union. “I loved the personal contact and hometown feeling. Everyone is so helpful. It was more than I was getting from any of the franchise banks.”

Even with COVID restrictions in place, Denis has been able to easily take care of his financial business. “They’re just a phone call away. You don’t have to sit on hold for two hours,” says Denis “They pick up quickly or they call you right back.” Plus, he says, he’s happy to have been able to work in person with Sharon in the Portland branch to set up an annuity direct deposit. “Sharon has been very helpful. She’s also working with us to refinance the truck loan. Sharon is my superhero right now!”

An advocate for the Credit Union, Denis has referred numerous co-workers to Ironworkers USA Credit Union and always speaks highly of the customer service he’s received.

“I think the Credit Union’s service is just amazing,” says Denis. “I come from a little town of about 800 people so that’s how all my banking experiences were growing up. Into adulthood, I was with those small, little banks where you’d open the door and everyone would say hello and know you by name. That’s exactly how I felt when I joined the Ironworkers Credit Union!”


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