Vince – Local 416, Las Vegas

A veteran Ironworker of 21 years, Vince became a member of Ironworkers USA Credit Union recently when decided to give the Credit Union a shot as he was in the midst of purchasing a hotrod. He had learned about the Credit Union from a Local organizer a couple of years ago when the Credit Union expanded its membership nationally, but since his spouse works for a bank, he didn’t see the need for joining. After joining, though, Vince is a Credit Union believer and recommends the Credit Union to fellow Ironworkers and his family, many of whom are also Union Ironworkers!

For Vince, what makes Ironworkers USA Credit Union great is that as a member you’re helping out the Union brotherhood. “I like knowing that it’s the members’ money, and it’s not just going to big corporate. You’re helping out brothers and sisters with their money and pensions,” says Vince. “It makes you try even harder not to be late with payments,” he continues smiling. “You don’t want to let your brothers and sisters down!”

When he went to finance the hotrod of his dreams, he says Kelly Flye helped him out big time. “She went above and beyond when I requested a loan for the hotrod,” explains Vince. “The hotrod shop was going to give me a good interest rate, but I sent over the paperwork to Kelly anyway. I knew it was a long shot since I didn’t even know if the Credit Union financed this type of vehicle, but I thought I’d rather go through the Credit Union. Kelly worked her butt off and matched everything the shop offered and got me a good interest rate and good payment.”

While Vince appreciates the ease of using Credit Union services like remote deposit and the mobile app, what he really appreciates is being able to keep his financial business in the Ironworker family, and we love that his hotrod brought him to the Credit Union family!


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