Free CARFAX Report

WHEN YOU FINANCE YOUR USED VEHICLE WITH US! Wouldn’t it be great to know the accident, service and ownership history of the used vehicle you’re interested in buying? With CARFAX,…

Saving vs. Investing

Since the pandemic began in 2020, Americans have been saving money at an unprecedented rate. An analysis by the Economic Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City…

How to Avoid Overspending Online

If you’re like many Americans, when the pandemic hit, you were staying at home more and scrolling on your phone or aimlessly browsing on the internet. With all that time…

Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Members can now get their FICO® Score for free…no strings attached! Have you ever wondered what your credit score was but had no idea how to get it? Some websites…

Be Aware of Scams!

People get scammed everyday so it’s important to be aware to protect yourselves from common scams! Here are some common things to watch for. Money Mule PSA Money mules are…
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