Wade & Sheena – Local 14, Spokane

When Wade and Sheena need help, they know they can count on Ironworkers USA Credit Union. As Ironworkers for nearly 18 years and Credit Union member for almost as long, Wade introduced Sheena to the Credit Union “family” after they were married, and Sheena couldn’t be happier with the service they received.

“The Credit Union has way better rates than anybody else!” says Sheena. “I appreciate that the checking and savings accounts don’t have fees, and you’re not charged crazy amounts for overdrafts either.” Their family uses many of the Credit Union’s products, including checking and savings accounts, loans and online banking. “It’s really easy and convenient because we live far away from the Credit Union,” Sheena says of online banking. “It’s so easy to deposit checks through it.”

In addition to the products and services, Wade and Sheena appreciate the service they receive. “Tina is amazing,” says Sheena. “She has been so helpful over the years with everything. Wade was laid off for a while, and she helped us get a Signature loan so we had a line of credit. You call her and she just gets it done really fast. She’s an amazing person.”

Sheena also loves that family members are eligible to join the Credit Union and has referred both her sister and daughter to the Credit Union. What would Sheena say to an Ironworker or family member who was thinking about joining the Credit Union? “Do it!” says Sheena enthusiastically. “They work with you. They are amazing. They absolutely are there for their members and are very dedicated to helping you as a person.”


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