Heather – Local 86, Seattle

Member Spotlight
Seattle Ironworker and Ironworkers USA Credit Union member Heather Kurtenbach had the honor of introducing President Joe Biden at the signing of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill on November 15,…

Making the Most of Mobile Banking

 When you use the Ironworkers USA Credit Union mobile app on your smartphone or mobile device you can:  Check account balances  Deposit checks using your camera  Transfer funds  View up…

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates have been in constant flux in recent months. Luckily, that flux has only been a little up one day and a little down the next, and rates remain…

Making the Most of Your 2022 Financial Life

When the New Year rolls around, people make all kinds of resolutions: Exercise more, eat healthier, stress less. While it’s often difficult to follow through with New Year’s resolutions, Ironworkers USA…

Don’t Let Tax Time Get You Down

 TURBOTAX MEMBER DISCOUNTS  TurboTax is America’s #1 online tax preparation service and offers a 100% guarantee for accuracy and maximum refund. And the BEST part is that Ironworkers USA Credit Union members…

Lower Your Payments, Lower Your Stress

REFINANCING OPTIONS If you’re struggling to make payments on a mortgage, car loan or credit card, Ironworkers USA Credit Union is here to help! By refinancing a current loan, you…
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