Kyson – Local 86, Seattle

Just like most members, when Kyson Houlihan joined Local 86, Seattle, over seven years ago, he became an Ironworkers USA Credit Union member to make life easier. “When you sign up for the Union, they start you an account right then and there because that’s where your vacation check goes into and it makes it simpler to pay your dues.”

But Kyson didn’t start utilizing the credit union for more than deposits until he moved away from Seattle to Idaho. He, and his wife Jordan, didn’t need a loan as they already had a vehicle and weren’t planning on buying a home at the time. When a job took him out of state, he financed a camper through Ironworkers.  

“Unlike other banks, Ironworkers is aware of what we do and that we aren’t going to be with the same employer…we jump around and they understand. The customer service I’ve received has always been excellent…especially when dealing with Ironworkers because we can be unpleasant sometimes; we’re a rough crew,” Kyson says with a chuckle.  

 That customer service came in handy last year when the family was hit with a surprise Idaho state tax bill right before they left on a trip to Mexico. “We were stressed because we had a family vacation planned and strapped because work was scarce…we weren’t going to be able to pay for the trip and pay taxes,” Kyson says.

Kyson’s wife Jordan, who manages all their finances, reached out to their local Seattle branch for help. They helped them refinance their truck, secure a Signature loan to pay off their taxes, and have money left over for their trip. 

“They were very sweet, incredibly helpful, and did everything they could to help my wife and me out. They went above and beyond to help us and that was wonderful because we were pretty stressed out,” Kyson says. “We were able to do both and not fall behind on anything. That was pretty awesome.” 

Now, Kyson and his wife Jordan are looking forward to the future. They recently contacted the Seattle branch again, but this time to buy their first home, their father-in-law’s house. They’re working with an Ironworkers USA Credit Union subsidiary for a home loan and are excited about the possibilities ahead.

If you or any of your fellow Ironworkers have questions, just pick up the phone. We’re here for YOU!


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