Ken – Local 86, Seattle

In 2019, during Seattle’s “snowmageddon,” Ken Gilliam spun out on the highway and hit the concrete barrier. Thankfully he was uninjured, but his truck was totaled. Ken needed his vehicle to get to and from work, so he started looking right away for a replacement. Before his insurance even got to him, a staff member from Ironworker’s USA Credit Union Seattle branch jumped in to help. 

Ken found a replacement truck, but it was nowhere near where he lived. Knowing he couldn’t get the down payment check to the dealer, our staff member worked with them directly, approved Ken’s new car loan, and personally drove the check to the dealer herself. 

“All I had to do was pick up the truck,” says Ken. “That very next week after the accident, I had another truck. They did me a solid. They’ve been good to me.”

Ken joined Ironworkers Credit Union five years ago when he started in the trade. “People had said good things about it,” he says. “I was banking at another big bank and it was a bad experience. It made sense to consolidate everything and keep my money close to my people. I wanted to deal with people I knew, that I was closer to, instead of a corporation.”

Ken doesn’t live far from the hall where the Seattle branch is located. “My thing is, I’m down there a lot because I’m involved with things at the hall. They’re good people, they’re good to us,” Ken says. “The people who work there deal with Ironworkers all the time. They’re at the hall. It’s convenient. It seems small and a little more homegrown,” he continued. “I can trust them. They’ve never told me ‘no,’ and always find a way to help me.” Besides a checking and savings account, he’s financed his two trucks, taken out a loan for earnest money on a house, and even borrowed cash. 

“There was a time I borrowed $500 and they gave it to me within minutes, no questions asked,” he says. Ken utilizes Ironworkers’ autopay, online banking, and appreciates that they’re part of a network. “I use autopay for my loans and my monthly dues. They take care of me, I want to make sure I take care of them.”

If you or any of your fellow Ironworkers have questions, just pick up the phone. We’re here for YOU!


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