Ironworkers USA Credit Union Wants to Be Your Financial Home


If you are still juggling multiple accounts at multiple financial institutions, we’ve got an idea for you…Make Ironworkers USA Credit Union your one and only financial home! When you use services at a large, national bank, your money (and the fees you pay) go into the pockets of the bank’s shareholders. At Ironworkers USA Credit Union, your money is safe and it helps out other Ironworker member-owners like you! 

Ironworkers USA Credit Union has a full range of financial services and is staffed by outstanding professionals who only have your best interest in mind. As your “financial home,” Ironworkers USA Credit Union is your one-stop-shop for all your money needs, including checking, savings, retirement accounts, loans, credit cards, and even auto, home, and life insurance! 

Ironworkers USA Credit Union offers: 

  • Free Checking – Yes, really! No fees, no minimum balances. 
  • BALANCE Money Management Tools – Free for you! 
  • Visa Credit Cards – No annual fee, great low rates. 
  • CO-OP ATMs – Access to more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the country. 
  • TruStage Insurance – Home, auto, AD&D, and life insurance. 
  • Retirement Accounts – IRAs, certificate accounts to help you save for the future. 
  • Online Banking & Mobile Banking – Full online access to all your accounts. 

Ironworkers USA Credit Union also offers a full range of loan programs to meet your needs. Whether you need to purchase a new work truck or family car, want to buy your first home or your dream home, need help paying for your child’s college tuition or a new roof, we will find the right loan solution for you. 

We offer a variety of loans including: 

  • Signature Loans – No collateral is needed. You can borrow up to $10,000 using just your signature and your credit history. Rates as low as 9.99% APR*. 
  • Lines of Credit – It’s like a credit card, but with no card. Use as much or as little as you need and accrue interest on only the amount you’ve borrowed. Rates as low as 10.49% APR*. 
  • Secured Loans – If you have collateral, such as a car or home, a Secured Loan may be best for you. Rates as low as 3.00% above your savings rate. 
  • Vehicle Loans – These are ideal if you’re looking to purchase a new or used vehicle or refinance your current vehicle. Rates are determined by the length of the loan term and your credit history. Rates as low as 4.24% APR*. 

We have been around for 62 years and we’re not going anywhere! You and your money are safe with us. So if you have accounts at other banks or financial institutions, now is the perfect time to make the switch and bring all your accounts to Ironworkers USA Credit Union. We promise to make it easy for you too. Visit our Switch Kit for an easy-to-follow checklist and forms for switching accounts. And we, of course, are happy to help in person and by phone. Give us a call at 1-877-769-4766 and we’ll help you get started today! 

*The interest rate is determined by your loan term and credit history and may be higher than the listed starting APR.


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