Brian – Local 14, Spokane

After 20 years as an Ironworker, Brian made a big change. Thanks to Ironworkers USA Credit Union, Brian opened a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) to start his own general contracting business. 

“It opened up so many more doors by having that extra cash available,” Brian says. He used those funds to buy a bigger trailer, more tools, and even some property to get started. Five years into owning his own business, Brian is still happy with his decision. “The credit union believes in their people. I’ve been changing everything around in my life and they’ve been great to work with.” 

Brian had tried refinancing his home with a local bank three times over three years, but because he was self-employed, they felt it was “too risky.” He explains, “Finally, I decided to call Ironworkers Credit Union, told them my appraisal, and said I just wanted a line of credit. Over the phone, they said, ‘yep, no problem!’” 

“The credit union gives you an opportunity, unlike a stiff, old bank. With Ironworkers Credit Union, as long as you pay your bills and deposit your checks, they’re willing to work with you,” Brian says. 

Even though he’s not involved as much as an ironworker anymore since he’s now running his own business, Brian says, “my card is on the shelf, so if I need to return to ironwork, I can still do that. The money I make is still lucrative to Ironworkers Credit Union, I still pay my bills on time and everything is direct deposit. I have a long history of working with Ironworkers Credit Union and they’ve always been happy to work with me.” 

Brian feels the outstanding customer service he gets with Ironworkers Credit Union appeals to more than Ironworkers and extends to family members. “It’s wonderful to have that continued relationship whether I’m on the books or not. My daughter is a paramedic and wanted to get a new rig. She was able to call them up, tell them what she was looking for, and got a loan with direct pay. It’s just that easy,” he explains. 

Brian’s long history with Ironworkers Credit Union means he’s been able to use just about every service, from borrowing against his vacation money for trips with his kids to making a profit on the recent boat sale he had previously financed. “It’s taking your money and making it work for you and that’s what I think Ironworkers Credit Union believes in,” he says. 

If you or any of your fellow Ironworkers have questions, just pick up the phone. We’re here for YOU!


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