Christopher – Local 7, New England

Just give it a shot.’ 

That’s what Christopher thought when he found out his Local 7, New England chapter was switching his vacation fund to Ironworkers USA Credit Union. He hadn’t heard of it before since Ironworkers USA Credit Union is headquartered on the west coast and admits many union members were leery of the change. 

 “Some guys are still on the fence about it. We had no choice for our vacation funds, so I figured I’d give it a shot. Why not?” Christopher says. “And the name of the bank is a plus – it’s cool, it’s my career, and it’s my bank. I’m an ironworker and my bank is Ironworkers Credit Union. It’s only for ironworkers and their families, not everyone, and you get extra benefits.”

Before his vacation funds were released to Ironworkers USA Credit Union, Christopher was unfortunately laid-off. He didn’t know how long he’d be without work and didn’t want to fall behind on bills, so he decided to try and consolidate his debt into one vacation fund loan with Ironworkers USA Credit Union. 

“I’m trying to buy a house soon and wanted to consolidate my debt into one loan.” He says. “I did a loan on my vacation fund before it was released. It was simple and easy. It was instant.”

At that point, he was all in. Christopher opened a checking and savings account and transferred his credit card to Ironworkers USA Credit Union. He even opened up an account for his son. 

 “He’s only 6-years-old, but wants to be an ironworker,” Christopher says. “After receiving a gift box from Ironworkers USA Credit Union, he thought it was cool and told me he wanted to put some of his money away. I can see his account on my app. It’s easy to put money into his account and for him to watch it grow.”

Christopher now advises others in the Local 7, New England chapter to join Ironworkers USA Credit Union and wants them to know how easy Ironworkers USA Credit Union is to work with. “If anyone is on the fence or skeptical to join, give it a try,” he says. “Even on west coast time, their lunchtime is my quitting time and they’re still easy to get in touch with. They make it convenient.” 

If you or any of your fellow Ironworkers have questions, just pick up the phone. We’re here for YOU!


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