Joshua – Local 29, Portland

Even though Joshua was new to ironworking and just entered the apprenticeship program, he knew one thing for sure, joining Ironworkers USA Credit Union would be a smart choice. He had already been a member of a different credit union for ten years and had a positive experience. 

“I knew how amazing working with a credit union was versus a normal bank and could only imagine what a union-only credit union would do for me. That’s exactly my experience since I joined,” he says.

After his first week of orientation, representatives from Ironworkers USA Credit Union and the union came to talk to his class about the credit union’s partnership with its members and the union, their offerings, and explain how the PTO accounts work. 

“They’re tied to our union, it’s where they keep our PTO accounts, and we can easily pay our dues from our Ironworkers USA Credit Union account,” Joshua says. “All your accounts are intertwined and you don’t have to go to different places to complete your work. It’s all a one-stop shop.”

Joshua appreciates how convenient Ironworkers USA Credit Union is to get to as well.

He says, “The credit union office is in the same building as the Local 29 Hall and connected to the apprenticeship program, which are the two places we have to travel to most, besides our work. You can just drop in and check up on things, it’s all in the same place.”

Not only is the location a positive for Joshua, but so is something else unique to Ironworkers USA Credit Union members – the debit card design. Living in Portland, OR, Joshua tells people that Ironworkers USA Credit Union has the “best debit card” he’s ever seen. Incidentally, St. John’s Bridge is his favorite bridge in the city, which happens to be the image on his debit card.

“Since I live in St. Johns, I think it’s an underrepresented bridge, but it’s the best bridge to me and it makes our card look beautiful and really unique,” he says. 

Besides his debit card, Joshua has taken advantage of the many other services Ironworkers USA Credit Union offers to its members in the past 3.5 years he’s been a member. He opened checking and PTO accounts and was able to secure a loan for both a motorcycle and a work truck with help from his local branch.

“When I first started going there, it was already a nice change because you deal with the same ten people every time instead of a call center where you never know who you’re going to get,” Joshua explains. “Ironworkers USA Credit Union is different than all the other banks. It’s nice because you have a close-knit group to work with, you have a lot more trust with the credit union itself, and it goes a long way with whatever you’re planning on for the future.”

When Joshua was looking to buy both his motorcycle and truck, he worked closely with the Portland branch, saying, “When it comes to bigger purchases or if you need financial advice, you can pick someone you align with and work with them. That’s what happened with me.”

Joshua says he received personalized service at Ironworkers USA Credit Union when purchasing both his vehicles. “One of the ladies started talking with me about the truck and it was amazing. She was a financial advisor to me with a mother’s care, telling me what my interest rate range should be, looking up the vehicle on Kelly Blue Book, telling me how I could save money, and what to look out for,” he says. “She knew what it’s like to be us, our lifestyle, and what our needs are as Ironworkers,” Joshua explains. 

Joshua says, “That’s uncharacteristic of any bank I’ve worked with before. The way they worked with me is what makes this credit union so special. They’re unforgettable, they really are.”

And Joshua made sure to let the Portland branch how much he appreciates them. After working a contract job for nine months in Arizona, he brought them flowers. 

“When someone is working with your money, it’s nice to know they have your back and are looking out for your best interests. I wanted them to know I appreciated that,” he says.

If you or any of your fellow Ironworkers have questions, just pick up the phone. We’re here for YOU!


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