Save Money By Cancelling Unwanted Subscriptions!

Are you wondering where all of your hard-earned dollars are going?

Automatic payments have made paying your bills much easier, but one downside is that you may have a list of subscriptions that you have forgotten you are paying. There are music subscriptions, video streaming subscriptions & online storage, just to name a few. It is often too easy for to let your subscriptions continue long after you don’t need them because either you’ve forgotten about the subscription or it’s difficult to unsubscribe.

Look at your bank and credit card transactions for a period of a month. It may be a lot to scroll through, but each monthly subscription will appear at least once in that time frame. You can also search your email for welcome and thank you emails, since most services send out an initial message confirming your new subscription.

It may seem like a time consuming task, but making a comprehensive list of all of your subscriptions and cancelling those you don’t use can add up to big savings! If you don’t have the time to analyze all of your accounts,
there are good subscription-tracking apps that will do the work for you and cancel the unwanted subscriptions.

It may seem like a tedious process, but identifying and cancelling subscriptions that you don’t need will give you the sense of accomplishment you have after a good housecleaning and more dollars in your pocket!


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