Keep Your Account Information Safe!

Be suspicious of anyone calling you requesting access to your account information or Online Banking login. When in doubt – CALL US IMMEDIATELY AT 877-769-4766!

Protect Your Money!

Criminals are continuously finding new ways to access your accounts and money. These attempts are constantly evolving taking many different forms including calls, texts, and emails. As a member, it is unsettling to receive notice that your bank account is, or may be compromised, and fraudsters use that in their favor. When they reach out, they use tools such as phone number spoofing to appear that they are a legitimate contact from Ironworkers USA Credit Union. It is important as a member to know how we will try to contact you, and what we will never ask for over the phone.

Ironworkers USA Credit Union will:

  • Monitor member accounts for irregular/suspicious activity and contact you if we find something.
  • Verify who is calling you from Ironworkers USA Credit Union so you are comfortable that it’s really us who is contacting you.
  • If you are more comfortable calling us back at 877-769-4766, please feel free to do so to confirm the phone call.

Ironworkers USA Credit Union will NEVER:

  • Request any login information including your Online Banking user ID, Online Banking password, PIN number or other personal information by phone call, text or email.
  • Log in to your account or ask to remotely connect to your device to see your account information on your computer.
  • Ask for your full credit/debit card, PIN or account numbers.

Never allow anyone access to your computer remotely that allows them to view an online banking session. Never give your account numbers, digital banking username or password, to anyone calling. Be suspicious of anyone calling you who requests access or information. Ironworkers USA Credit Union is here for you…we’ve got your back.

If you believe that you may be a victim of a recent fraud attack or want to report a recent suspicious communication that you’ve received, please contact us at 877-769-4766 or send us a secure message through digital banking. You may also submit a non-urgent concern through our Chat feature on our website, but please do not include any personal information. 

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