We care about your financial wellness and believe that everyone could use a little help getting and keeping their finances on track, it’s not easy doing it alone. From creating a basic household budget, planning for retirement, improving credit ratings, or saving for college, it can feel overwhelming. That’s why we provide access to FREE and confidential financial counseling through BALANCE. They provide comprehensive and professional assistance with all aspects of personal finance (did we mention it’s confidential and judgement-free). Their goal is to not only work with you to avoid or resolve financial distress, but also to provide information and assistance to help you achieve your goals.


Balance provides immediate access to a financial counselor by phone Mon-Thurs, 5am to 8pm (PST), Fri, 5am to 5pm, and Sat, 8am to 5pm. Their Infoline counselors can answer a wide variety of financial and credit related questions and send you supplementary materials on you areas of interest. Calls to counselors can las anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on your question and the amount of information needed. Call today 1-888-456-2227.

Money Management Counseling

Take a closer look at your spending and savings plan, and develop a plan of action to meet your goals.

Debt Management

If the bills are starting to pile up, we can review your options, and even provide a structured repayment plan.

Credit Report Review

A counselor will review your report with you, making sure you know your rights. BALANCE can even provide a low-cost credit report.

Housing Education

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll ever make. Our counselors can help you make a plan.

Identity Theft Solutions

Take steps to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, or to recover if damage has already been done.

Balance Track

A personal finance education program brought to help you learn about money management, investing, credit reports, home ownership, identity theft, and financial planning.

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